Digital Q&A about data management: Social sciences

Do you have questions about data management, FAIR and open research data? Join one of SND’s Q&A sessions focusing on different research areas. In January, a Q&A session will be arranged for everyone who works with research data in the social sciences.

Swedish National Data Service (SND)

Swedish National Data Service (SND) has a primary function to support the accessibility, preservation, and re-use of research data and related materials. SLU is one of the universities that forms the consortium that runs SND, and employees at SLU can publish data in SND's national data catalog.

The Q&A is arranged by SND's research data advisers and domain specialists. The domain specialists are experts in various scientific subject areas or areas concerning various forms of research data. SLU contributes with domain specialists in the area of environment and climate.

Data Management Support (DMS)

SLU's participation in SND takes place through Data Management Support (DMS) at the SLU library. DMS supports researchers, students and environmental monitoring and assessment staff, with, among other things, handling, publishing and archiving data.

SND Q&A about data management: Social Sciences



Time: 2022-01-26 13:00 - 14:00
City: Zoom

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