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Zoom, Uppsala

Webinar in Almedalen: Antibiotic resistance - the silent pandemic threathens people, animals and environment

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According to WHO, antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health and food security. Bacteria do not care about national borders and are also becoming increasingly resistant to one of our main medicines - antibiotics! How can we all take responsibility in this matter?

Animals and humans share the same habitats and we are affected by each other's health and how our environment feels. We have all become aware of this over the past year when researchers and science have been in focus like never before. Today's food chains cover the entire earth and infections can quickly spread to both animals and humans. The issue of antibiotic resistance therefore requires a system perspective and a holistic view, an approach we call One Health. To solve the complex challenges we face, researchers from different fields need to collaborate and contribute with knowledge and decision-makers act together - and with a long-term agenda.

Note! The event will be given in Swedish.

We highlight the following topics;

  • The national strategy against antibiotic resistance
  • The Swedish model for healthy animals
  • Antibiotic-free meat at any price! Or?

SLU researchers give you valuable knowledge in the matter and decision-makers and give their views on the situation - what is done and what needs to be done and how does it affect you as a consumer?


The times are preliminary.

12.30 Introduction by Vice-Chancellor Maria Knutson Wedel

12.33 Welcome by Jacke Sjödin, moderator

12:36 What does the concept One Health mean? We explain how everything is connected with a short film, followed by an interview about antibiotic resistance with Susanna Sternberg Lewerin, professor in infection control and infectious diseases at SLU.

12:50 Interview with Jonas Fuks from the Swedish Public Health Agency, who talks about the national strategy against antibiotic resistance, the so-called Swedish model.

13:00 Interview with Patriq Fagerstedt, research secretary at the Swedish Research Council and programme manager for the National Research Program on Antibiotic Resistance.

13:10 How are you affected as a consumer - what is there to keep in mind to reduce the spread of resistant bacteria? Film with Jacke Sjödin that takes us to different everyday situations, with input from three SLU researchers who give us more knowledge in the issue from a human, animal and environmental perspective.

13:20 Panel discussion on stage about antibiotic-free foods

  • Lotta Berg, veterinarian and SLU professor in pets' environment and health
  • Hedvig Gröndal, postdoctoral fellow in bacteriology and food safety at SLU
  • Carl-Johan Lagerkvist, SLU professor of business administration
  • Maria Lundesjö, project manager within Axfoundation's programme area Future Food.

13:45 Moderator sums up - can it be true?


Jacke Sjödin, moderatorPortrait photo of Jacke Sjodin. Photo.
Jacke is one of our popular entertainers and revue artists. Maybe you have followed him on his channels, attended his basement evenings or heard some of his Corona songs over the past year? Jacke has many strings on his lyre and is also an experienced moderator.


Patriq FagerstedtPortrait photo of Patriq Fagerstedt. Photo.
Patriq is responsible for the National Research Program on Antibiotic Resistance, which aims to support research on the development of new antibiotics, the emergence and spread of resistant bacteria and better monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of infections. He is also part of the International Secretariat for the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR) at the Swedish Research Council, which coordinates support for AMR research between 28 countries. 


Susanna Sternberg LewerinPortrait photo of Susanna Sternberg Lewerin. Photo.
Susanna is a veterinarian and professor of Epizootology & Infection Control and researches and teaches about infectious animal diseases and antibiotic resistance. She works mainly with diseases we do not have, or do not want, in Swedish animals. These diseases are not part of everyday life for Swedish veterinarians and animal owners, but we still need to be prepared for them. Susanna is also programme manager for SLU Future One Health. 


Maria LundesjöMariaLundesjö.jpg
Maria is a food agronomist and has a PhD in food science. She has experience of quality and sustainability work from both the food industry and the grocery trade and works as a project manager within Axfoundation's programme area Future Food. Axfoundation is an independent, non-profit business that works concretely for a sustainable society. One example is the development of the Antibiotic Criteria, which is a tool for the food industry to be able to set requirements and follow up suppliers of meat, dairy products and seafood regarding antibiotic use.


Hedvig GröndaPortrait photo of Hedvig Gröndal. Photo.l
Hedvig is a sociologist and works as a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Biomedicine and Veterinary Public Health at SLU. Hedvig's previous and current research concerns the use of antibiotics for humans and animals from a sociological perspective.



Lotta BergPortrait photo of Lotta Berg. Photo.
Lotta is a veterinarian and her research and teaching revolves around preventive animal health and how housing and care affect animal health and welfare. Lotta is chair of SLU's Scientific Council for Animal Welfare, director of the National Center for Animal Welfare and she is part of the steering group for the network One Health Sweden, which focuses on diseases that humans and animals have in common. 


Carl-Johan LagerkvistPortrait picture of Carl-Johan Lagerkvist. Photo.
Carl-Johan is a professor of business administration at SLU and his research relates, among other things, to consumers' values, preferences and choice of food, as well as their acceptance of techniques for gene editing and to the phenomenon of "conspicuous consumption". Carl Johan collaborates with both Swedish companies and international center formations within the CGIAR collaboration (Science for humanity's greatest challenges), eg WorldFish and ICRISAT (Science of discovery to science of delivery etc.). 


Time: 2021-07-06 12:30 - 13:45
City: Uppsala
Location: Zoom
Organiser: SLU
Additional info:


Susanna Sternberg Lewerin, programme manager for SLU Future One Health

Eva-Stina Lindell, communicator for SLU Future One Health

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