Ruralities and Regions in Transition – A conference for Rural and Regional Researchers in Sweden

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The Division of Rural Development (SLU) and Nordregio gather scholars from all over the country to meet, share and discuss important issues related to rural and regional development in Sweden.

The conference is arranged as a part of SLU:s government assignment to strengthen and coordinate Swedish rural and regional research and the ambition is to provide a constructive arena of exchange for scholars to collegially rethink how Swedish ruralities and regions may engage towards economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development paths. Both English and Swedish will be used during the conference, making it possible also for non-Swedish speakers to participate.

The conference will be held November 11-12 at Runö Möten & Events outside Åkersberga, given that this is possible due to recommendations and restrictions regarding Covid-19.

Keynote speakers

  • Karen Refsgaard – Research Director at Nordregio
  • Sally Shortall – Professor in Rural Economy at Newcastle University


  1. Sustainable countrysides: place-based development and rural livelihoods
  2. Entrepreneurship and social innovations in peripheries
  3. Demographic change and migration: policies and practices in shrinking geographies
  4. The role of natural resources in rural transformation processes
  5. Competences, skills and the evolution of the rural labour market
  6. Territorial resilience in times of global societal challenges
  7. Policies for rural and regional development

We are glad to see that there has been a great interest in participating in this conference. The registration has now closed.

Questions? Send an email to uppdraglandsbygd@slu.se


Time: 2021-11-11 - 2021-11-12
City: Uppsala
Organiser: Department of Urban and Rural Development, Division of Rural Development
Additional info:

For more information please contact: uppdraglandsbygd@slu.se


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