New from the management at LTV

Last changed: 11 July 2023
Photo of Christina Lunner Kolstrup

Spring is here, and with it, warmer temperatures. It’s such a joy to walk around the park this time of year, with all the fresh greenery and flowering trees and bushes everywhere; wonderful sights and scents that are a balm for the soul.

The fact that we, once again, have a living campus with students, staff and locals enjoying our beautiful campus is also amazing.

New terms of office for heads of department

Intense work is currently underway to appoint heads of department and a head of unit for SoU, the Unit for Collaboration and Development, for the period 2022–2025. All current heads of department (except SoL and IMS), as well as the head of SoU, have expressed an interest in remaining in office.

As part of the process of possibly extending the assignments for current heads of department (BT, LAPF, VF, VSB) and head of unit (SoU), an evaluation of each manager’s leadership has been done. Each department, and SoU, appointed representatives who, together with the dean and the HR specialist, made up the recruitment group for each department. These groups prepared evaluation surveys that were sent out to all staff at the respective department. The responses will provide important decision-making support for the dean when deciding on whether extensions should be granted. A new head of department has been appointed for SoL, following nominations and a hearing. At IMS, the post was advertised, one candidate applied and a hearing has recently been carried out.  

We’re looking forward to presenting all the new managers, and their deputies, before the summer.

Project: Overview of the faculty’s subject areas

In December 2021, the previous faculty board decided to carry out an overview of the faculty’s subject areas. The purpose of this project is to ensure that the orientation of the faculty’s subject fields is aligned with its strategy and assignments and to ensure favourable, long-term conditions for our activities. The project involves drafting a development plan on which the faculty board can base its decisions on possible changes in subject areas for 2014. As help and support in this project, we have Markus Wikborg, leadership development officer at the Leadership Development Unit.

The project has now been launched and all staff will be involved at some point. The first project activities took place on 19 April, when all heads of department, heads of subject and heads of division took part in a workshop to brainstorm and discuss the important future issues, areas and opportunities we need to focus on to remain relevant and attractive and be able to contribute to meeting future challenges to society.

Documentation from the workshop has been sent to all heads of department, heads of subject and heads of division to forward to their staff. If you haven’t yet seen this documentation, please talk to your line manager or contact Tomas Österman. We’ll continue to document activities and inform you about what’s going on, and you’re always welcome to contact me, Karl Lövrie, Margit Nothnagl or Tomas Österman if you have questions, ideas or proposals.

The spring semester is coming to an end

We’re approaching the end of May, and I know it’s a work-intensive period for all of you as several research, teaching, EMA and collaboration tasks need finishing before the summer. But remember it’s at times like these that it’s even more important to take an extra breath of air, and perhaps go for a short walk in the park for some mental and physical relaxation in our beautiful, green surroundings.

I wish you all a pleasant May,