Johanna Penell's declaration of intent

Last changed: 11 October 2021

Johanna Penell. Senior Lecturer at the Department of Clinical Sciences

I believe a key question for the faculty both now and in the longer-term future is to ensure competence supply in education and research. We need to think strategically to attract and keep excellent researchers and teachers.

Our infrastructure facilities are great and important to use in the best ways possible to increase competence and experience for the students in all our programs, and use in research projects. Overall, we have educational programs that are attractive to the labor market but the interest to apply varies across programs, and we need to increase the interest for potential students regarding certain areas, particularly for food supply-related topics.

Another personal focus interest is sustainability within work environment and finances. I provide experience from working at SLU and VH in various capacities, with a strong internal and external network, and a keen interest in development of our functions.

I candidate to the faculty board as I would like to contribute and make a difference for the VH faculty and because I find it interesting to work with large and complex questions. 

Basic information

Johanna Penell, senior lecturer in veterinary nursing & associate professor in veterinary epidemiology, department of clinical sciences, veterinary surgeon, worked at SLU since 2016.  

Program director for the veterinary nurse program 2016-2019.

Elected to dean of education 2019-2022, which includes the role as chair of the program board PN-VH.

Elected member of the faculty board 2019-2022.

Extern evaluator of University College Dublin Bachelor program in veterinary nursing 2019-2022, external evaluator Copenhagen veterinary program 2021, evaluator of the quality work at Linnéuniversitetet through Universitetskanslerämbetet 2021-2022, SLUs representantive/expert in the governmental investigation “Investigation for sustainable and long-term well-functioning health and medical care for animals (N 2021:04).

In total 41 scientific publications of which 4 are within the last year (incl one as first and one as last author), h-index Scholar of 26, >5500 citations.