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Last changed: 04 November 2021

On this page, we gather the information regarding the election for VH's new faculty board, which will be elected during the autumn. The content will thus be filled with new information as things are decided.

The election is decided

Here can you see the result

Some old information

Important dates

September 29

The Nomination Committee presents its proposal and at the same time invites to free nominations

October 8

Last day for free nominations

October 27

Hearing with nominated candidates at 12.30–14.30

October 25 – November 2

Election period

The nomination committee's proposal

The nomination committee's task has been to submit proposals to the ten ordinary members/deputies to be appointed to the faculty board for the period 2022–2024. The nomination committee's proposal also includes candidates for the assignments as chair (dean) and vice chair (deputy dean) of the board.

The nomination committee's task has also been to take into account, subject distribution, geographical aspects, gender aspects and any other relevant factors such as other committees within the faculty that require the chair of a committee to be a member or deputy member of the faculty board.

Dean and deputy dean

  • Chair (dean): docent Rauni Niskanen
  • Vice chair (deputy dean): professor Dirk-Jan de Koning

Eight ordinary members/deputies

  • Researcher Anne-Lie Blomström
  • Professor Johan Bröjer
  • Senior Lecturer Stefan Gunnarsson
  • Professor Anders Kiessling
  • Senior Lecturer Ingrid Ljungvall
  • Senior Lecturer Johanna Penell
  • Senior Lecturer Eva Sandberg
  • Senior Lecturer Bodil Ström Holst

Presentation of nominees

Here you can see who is nominated and read a presentation.

Free nominations

October 8 was the last day for free nominations.

Nominate additional candidates (free nominations)

(The last day for free nominations was October 8.)

The nomination committee invites to additional nominations (free nominations), which means that those who are entitled to vote have the opportunity to nominate additional candidates than those proposed by the nomination committee, either as chair (dean), vice chair (vice dean) or as a member/deputy. Freely nominated candidates may only be entered on the ballot paper if they have a PhD and have the research or artistic competence referred to in Chapter 2, Section 6 of the Swedish Higher Education Act (1992:1434).

Nomination form, including presentation on Swedish and English is sent to VB-VH2021-24@slu.se and must be received by the nomination committee no later than 8 October 2021.

See further instructions here on page 2

VH's Nomination Committee

The Faculty Board decided to appoint the following persons as members of the Faculty's Nomination Committee. In January 2021, those entitled to vote at the faculty were invited to nominate candidates for a new nomination committee for the term of office 1 June 2021–31 May 2024.

Ordinary members with personal deputies in parentheses:

  • Karin Vargmar, chairman, BVF (Ingrid Hansson, BVF)
  • Anders Karlsson, HMH (Lena Lidfors, HMH)
  • Ann-Sofi Bergqvist, KV (Renée Båge, KV)
  • Nils Fall, KV (Jens Häggström, KV)
  • Tomas Bergström, vice chairman, Hgen (Åsa Ohlsson, Hgen)
  • Johan Dicksved, HUV (Birgitta Åhman, HUV)
  • Sara Ringmark, AFB (Lars Roepstorff, AFB)


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