Anders Kiessling's declaration of intent

Last changed: 11 October 2021

Anders Kiessling. Professor at the Department of Animal Nutrition and Management

Other ext / int assignments of relevance:

  • Elected KSLA 2009 and since then first member of the Fisheries Committee and now member of the Baltic Sea Committee.
  • Chairman of the National Competence Center for Aquaculture (SLU and GU joint body)
  • Board member of Vattenbrukscentrum Norr (Kälarne)
  • Chairman of the EFARO Aquaculture Group

Future issues

  • Free funds for research and subject support versus costs for new faculty-wide structures. That is, how should universities channel their funds.
  • Positioning to continue to function as a bridge between basic and applied research and secure contact with the industry.

What I add

  • A solid international experience that extends from basic research to implementing innovation in real life.
  • An academic perspective in collaboration with the industry.
  • A tradition of working with the entire SLU, both in terms of all faculties and geographical locations.

Personal lines

Working within the faculty has not been a goal in itself for me, but when I was asked, I feel that it may be my turn now, as others have done for me before. At the same time, I am now about to reduce my involvement in research, as I have passed 60 and my focus is more and more to work to create opportunities for my younger colleagues to pass on the baton. An involvement within the Faculty Board could be a broader part of such work.

Basic information

Name: Anders Kiessling

Employment: Faculty professor with responsibility for the subject area aquaculture.

Institution: HUV

Undergraduate education: MSc Biology, Uppsala Univ.History at SLU:

  • PhD 1986-1990, SLU, Divided between HUV and Aquaculture
  • FOASS 1993-1998 at the Department of Food Science.
  • Adjunct senior lecturer (20% with responsibility for education in the subject aquaculture) 1999-2004
  • Adjunct Professor (- ”-) 2005-2011
  • Faculty Professor Aquaculture 2012-