Bodil Ström-Holst's declaration of intent

Last changed: 08 October 2021

Bodil Ström Holst. Senior Lecturer at the Department of Clinical Sciences

Internal and external assignments

I have been a member of the faculty board during the last 3-year period (2019-2022). I lead the committee for small animal issues at the faculty, and chair Carenet, a Nordic network for researchers and animal healthcare professionals interested in clinical research. I am also member of the board of the Centre for Reproductive Biology in Uppsala (CRU) and of the management group of Uppsala Diabetes Centre.

Earlier assignments at SLU include chair of the Small Animal committee (2010-2013), director of CRU (Centre for Reproductive Biology in Uppsala, 2007-2016), member of the steering group for the graduate school ”Translational and comparative medicine” (2014-2016),  programme director for the previous research platform Future Animal Health and Welfare at SLU  (2010-2016) and head of the Division of Reproduction at the Department of Clinical Sciences (2016-2019).

External assignments include member of the boards of VeTA-bolaget and the VeTA-association (working with continuing education of animal healthcare professionals), member of the national collaboration group for dog welfare, president of the Swedish Society of Small Animal Reproduction and vice president of the Mats F and Catharina Linde Forsberg foundation.

Important issues for the future

With the planned increased intake of students to the veterinary education and education to veterinary nurses, strategic decisions related to competences are highly relevant. An important issue is to develop our faculty by utilizing skills and competences in ways that strengthen and develop both individuals and the organizational structures. To develop and expand both education and research we need to have more persons employed, and to be able to offer relevant positions.

What I can contribute with to the new faculty board

I contribute with a developed network both within SLU and with external partners, and with experience from the previous faculty board and from working with animal health and welfare from different perspectives.

Something personal

I enjoy the forest more than the sea but have nothing against water. The holiday homes increase in number, and I am happy to have produced a lovely mule.

Basic information


Bodil Ström Holst


Since 2017 senior lecturer in companion animal health and disease, especially dogs and cats, and with a special responsibility for extension  


Department of Clinical Sciences


I graduated as a veterinarian at SLU in 1990, PhD 1999 and associate professor 2007. European diplomate in domestic animal reproduction (Dipl ECAR) 2001.

Time at SLU

I have been working at SLU since 2006, and 1990-1999. During the period 1999 - 2006 I worked at SVA.