Stefan Gunnarsson Declaration of intent

Last changed: 06 October 2021

Stefan Gunnarsson. Senior Lecturer at the Department of Animal Environment and Health

Name: Stefan Gunnarsson (born 1964), DVM, PhD, Associate prof., Diplomate European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine, Senior Lecturer in Sustainability in Animal Production, with extension duties.

Department: Animal Environment and Health (HMH)

Undergraduate education: Veterinary medicine

Has worked at the SLU since 1992

Other assignments internally / externally:

Internal: Head of dept. HMH 2004–2012; Deputy and Assisting Head of dept. HMH 2001–2002; Coordinator for FreeBirds (core organic project) 2018–2021 with 7 countries, project manager for Formas synthesis project 2018. Main supervisor of three research students.

External: Acting Chief veterinary officer in Western Sweden 2001;

Chairman for Animal Welfare Committee of the Swedish Veterinary Association 2012–2016;

Co-ordinator for poultry animal welfare courses in "Better Training for Safer Food" for EU Commission, DG Sanco, 2012–2021;

Secretary General of the International Society for Animal Hygiene (ISAH) 2009–2017;

Chairman of the OIE ad hoc working group for International Guidelines for Animal Welfare in laying hens production systems 2016–2022.

Important future questions for the faculty

  • Long-term strategy for succession in GU and FO and the need for creating good conditions for future generations of teachers and researchers.
  • Long-term strategy for the development of research and education, and how this should be implemented within the faculty
  • Leadership issues and meeting culture within the faculty, including digitalisation and positive experiences from the COVID-19 years.

I would like to contribute with a broader perspective on international animal husbandry issues, and on how animal husbandry have an impact on sustainability. Furthermore, I would like to contribute with experiences I gained from being Head of the department for eight years, and having to adapt the Department to the decisions taken by the Faculty Board.