Stina Drakare's declaration of intent

Last changed: 07 October 2021

Stina Drakare. Researcher at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment

I am an associate professor at the Department of Aquatic Science and Assessment. My current assignments are Deputy Head of Department, Head of the Ecology and Biodiversity Unit including laboratory manager for one of the environmental monitoring laboratories at the department. I have just completed a long assignment as FOMA coordinator for the program Lakes and watercourses and have a large network of contacts at the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management and County administrative boards. I mainly teach civil engineers and SLU students about environmental problems and solutions linked to different types of energy and we assess energy mix solutions of the future. My teaching interest has also made me involved in the PN-NJ for two periods, first as a deputy and now as a full member. Previously, I was the department's director of studies for postgraduate education for several years. My research area is aquatic ecology with a focus on the food web in lakes and algal bloom problems where my favorite study object is Lake Mälaren, which contributes to important ecosystem services and has a complex ecosystem with all the inlets, islands and bays.

I want to work for the society getting the greatest possible benefit from SLU's research and environmental assessment by spreading the knowledge not only in scientific publications but also in society by stakeholders and students. My broad experience of the university's several roles means that I will contribute with a holistic view in the faculty board, i.e. my aim is to contribute to good planning and infrastructure at the university to support employees and students to make it possible to achieve really good and sustainable research, teaching, environmental analysis and thus societal benefits.