Jon Petter Gustafsson's CV

Last changed: 06 October 2021

Jon Petter Gustafsson. Professor at the Department of Soil and Environment

Degrees etc

1988 BSc Geosciences (Hydrology), Uppsala University; 1995 PhD Groundwater Chemistry, KTH; 2000 Docent, Land and Water Resources, KTH.

Current and earlier employment

From 2015: Professor (chair), soil chemistry, SLU, Department of Soil and Environment.
2009–2021: Professor / guest professor / guest researcher, Soil and Groundwater Chemistry (20 % from 2015), KTH, Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering.

Postdoctoral stays

James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, UK (1995), Univ. of Toledo, Ohio, USA (2005)

Research interests and productivity

Geochemistry of metals: binding mechanisms and cycling in soil. Phosphorus in soil: speciation and solubility. More: Models on effects of forest management methods, phosphorus removal in domestic wastewater systems, bioavailability models. Author of >120 peer-reviewed papers since 1992, and to several publicly available computer codes, e.g. Visual MINTEQ. h-index = 42 (Web of Knowledge).

Main supervisor of PhD students

Previous students: Susanna Toller (KTH 2008), Carin Sjöstedt (KTH 2012), David Eveborn (KTH 2013), Maja Larsson (SLU 2014), Charlotta Tiberg (SLU 2016), Ann Kristin Eriksson (SLU 2016), Sabina Braun (SLU 2020). Current: Hugo de Campos Pereira, Marius Tuyishime (both at SLU).

Administrative assignments at the university (selected)

2010–2012: Vice Head of Department, Dep of Land & Water Resources Engineering, KTH
2011–2012: Programme director, MSc programme Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure (EESI), KTH
2014–2015: Head of Division, Biogeochemistry & Environmental Analysis, Soil & Environment, SLU
2016–2018: Member of Faculty Board NJ, SLU
2017–2021: Vice chairman of NJ Programme Board, SLU

Teaching activities

Considerable experience of teaching in a large number of courses at KTH and SLU since 1989. During 2021, examinership for the following courses:

  • AE1105/AE1801 Environmental Soil Chemistry, 7.5/4 credits. KTH (last year 2021)
  • MV0218 Environmental geochemistry, 7.5 credits. SLU.