Helena Hansson's CV

Last changed: 08 October 2021

Helena Hansson. Professor at the Department of Economics

  1. Name and contact information Helena Hansson (date of birth: March 12, 1980)
    Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, P.O. Box 7013, SE-75007 Uppsala; Helena.Hansson@slu.se; +46-18-671714
  2. Current appointment: Professor of Agricultural and Food Economics, Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Date of appointment: 2018-02-01. Vice-dean at the faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, with a focus on multi- and interdisciplinary research. Programme director of Mistra Food Futures
  3. Previous appointments: 2003-2007: Ph.D. Student, Department of Economics, SLU; 2008-2010: Researcher, Department of Economics, SLU; 2010-2012: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, SLU; 2012 – 2018: Researcher (Forskare, FLK), Department of Economics, SLU; 2015-2019: Deputy head of department, Department of Economics, SLU. Appointed associate professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in June 2012
  4. Research area: My research focuses on farmer uptake of sustainable agricultural practices, including drivers and economic impacts, and production economic analyses related to the efficiency of farm production. I also work with the sustainability of the food system. I work extensively with interdisciplinary approaches where knowledge from the natural sciences is instrumental in the analyses and where economic models are complemented with behavioural theories and models. Most of my research is funded by external sources of funding, including Mistra, the Swedish Research Council Formas, the Swedish Farmers’ Foundation for Agricultural Research, EU H2020 programme.
  5. Publications: Peer- reviewed journal publications: 62; reports and book chapters: 13; popular science publications: 19. Sample scientific publication: Owusu-Sekyere, E., Hansson, H., Telezhenko, E. (2021). Use and non-use values to explain farmers’ motivation of the provision of animal welfare. European Review of Agricultural Economics. Forthcoming. Sample popular science publication: Hansson, H. (2021). Att prata hållbarhet - det enda hållbara i längden. Blogg Mistra Food Futures.
  6. Teaching: I have taught courses in microeconomics, business economics, managerial accounting and financial accounting. I have acted as course leader (responsible for course), which, besides class-room teaching, includes planning the course, designing course structure, coordinating course activities, designing examination material and acting as course examiner. I have also on two occasions designed and taught individual reading course for PhD students. In total, I have completed around 1000 hours in front of class. As of 2021, I have in total supervised 49 completed student theses, out of which 31 have been at master level and 18 at bachelor level.
  7. Supervision and mentoring: Principal supervisor of PhDs: finished: Tsegaye Ginbo Gatiso (2021), Uliana Gottlieb (2021), ongoing: Gaëlle Leduc, Georgios Miaris, Agnes Ortman, Lisa Höglind, Helena Robling, Harold Opdenbosch. Assistant supervisor of PhDs: finished: Gordana Manevska-Tasevska (2012), Goudarz Azar (2013), Katarina Labajova (2018), assistant supervisor of finished lic: Lovisa Nilsson (2010), assistant supervisor of ongoing PhDs: Eleanor Johansson, Josefine Jerlström. Mentor of post-docs and junior researchers (finished projects): Goudarz Azar, Nina Lind, Haseeb Ahmed (co-mentor), ongoing projects: Birhanu Addisu Adamie, Enoch Owusu Sekyere, Thanh Mai Ha, Henning Schaak (co-mentor).
  8. Grants: 22 awarded research grants in total; as PI: 9. Sample grant: Mistra. Mistra Food Futures. Programme director/PI. Core consortium: SLU, RISE, SRC. Phase 1: 2020 – 2024: MSEK: 64 + co-funding MSEK 16.
  9. Experience from management units: Vice-dean at the NJ-faculty (since 2019), Research group coordinator with staff and budget responsibility (since 2015), Deputy chair of FUN-NJ (2017-2019), member of FUN-NJ and substitute for a total of more than 7 years, member of the committee for external collaboration NJ (2016-2019), secretary in Kommitté lantbrukets djur at the VH-faculty (2007-2008)