Om projektet "Mobil cykelservice på Campus Ultuna "

Last changed: 15 March 2024

The pilot project Mobile bicycle service on Campus Ultuna is ongoing during 2024 with the support of the SLU's climate fund.


The purpose of this project is to facilitate cycling by offering a mobile bicycle service during a pilot period where employees and students can hand in their bicycle on campus and have it repaired during their working day. The goal of the project is to develop and implement a mobile bicycle service during a pilot period, evaluate the project and make recommendations to drive the service on a permanent basis.

This project is carried out with support from the SLU's climate fund and is therefore financed through the provisions that SLU makes when employees book air travel for work. During a test period, the bicycle service is offered through Joey's bicycle service. In order to evaluate and develop the service, we need you, who use the service, to share your experiences and suggestions in a simple survey.

In the long term, the ambition is to find a way for SLU to be able to offer bicycle service in the future as well, with the same or other service providers.


Did you know?

Increased cycling has great potential for reduced climate impact. In the municipality of Uppsala, 47% of trips are made by bicycle or on foot according to the travel habits survey in 2015 (the percentage in the country was 28%), but the median trip in the Uppsala conurbation was only 5 km by car and 2.2 km by bicycle, which indicates that more trips could be made With bike. According to SLU's travel habits survey in 2019, 25% of employees cycled to work (for Ultuna, the percentage may be higher). Not least, there is potential for an increased proportion of cycling trips in winter. A person who replaces a 5 km car journey two days a week (900 km/year) can reduce the climate impact by 158 kg of CO2 per year.

Why is this project important?

Cycling all year round requires a bike that is safe and well maintained. However, many people have limited time and knowledge to repair the bike themselves, and taking it to a workshop can be complicated and time-consuming. Therefore, there is a need to simplify service and repairs. Through this pilot project, it becomes possible and the experiences from the project should lead to proposals on how the service can be continued in the longer term. We hope that the project will lead to more people choosing to ride well-functioning bikes to and from campus Ultuna!