Reconstruction of the Library building - the Ulmus project

Last changed: 29 April 2024

The Library building in Ultuna is scheduled for renovation and reconstruction - a project set to commence in 2024 and estimated to be completed by 2026. In addition to the library, the new/renovated building will incorporate more examination halls, classrooms, and serve as the headquarters for the Veterinärmedicinska föreningen - VMF. (Veterinary medical association)

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SLU conducted a campus densification initiative during the early 2000s at Campus Ultuna. Older facilities on the outskirts of Ultuna Campus were replaced with new, modern ones located in more central buildings.

As a result of this project, nearly all campus activities were relocated to a cluster of buildings along Ulls väg. The previously strategically placed student union house for Veterinärmedicinska föreningen (VMF) now found itself outside the area perceived as the campus.

Another effect of the densification and the construction of the administrative building Ulls hus was that the former hub and natural meeting place, Undervisningshuset (the Teaching building/Bibliotekshuset (Library building), migrated to, among other places, Ulls hus. This had an impact that the Library has felt.

Both VMF and the Library submitted requests to address the issues through changes in premises. The idea arose to combine these two operations to create an attractive building with a conducive study environment.

Shared vision

Together with students (ULS, VMF, SLUSS), the operations (the Library, Exam Service), the property owner (Akademiska Hus) and SLU Premises and Projects, a common vision for the project was developed:

An attractive meeting place
The building is welcoming and should feel like SLU in atmosphere, colour, and design. The entire building is perceived as a hub on campus. It facilitates connections and exchanges between people and supports collaboration.

A conducive work and study environment
The building is a place that supports various types of work and study. It is suitable for both individual work and group meetings. Here, one can find tranquility in a calm and secure environment.

A creative environment
The building is dynamic and adaptable. The spaces are flexible. There are creative areas that provide a sense of vitality and movement and stimulate thought. The indoor and outdoor environments are interconnected.

Sustainable resource utilisation
The building incorporates space-efficient solutions and extensive shared use of premises. The reuse of furnishings and building materials contributes to sustainability.

A natural destination
The building is open, inviting, and welcoming. Everyone is welcome to this warm environment.

Environmental certification

Together with Akademiska hus the project is working with a shared environmental program and aims to achieve environmental certification according to version 3.2 - byggnadsbetyg Silver, om- och tillbyggnad. (Silver rating for renovations and expansions).


The project is estimated to span over a couple of years, starting in the autumn of 2024 and aiming for occupancy in the end of 2026.

Image of a timeline

An overall timetable for the project. Click in the image for a larger view.

Project organisation

Steering group

  • Vice-chancellor, chair
  • Chief librarian, member
  • Head of unit at Administrative Services, member
  • Chair of Veterinärmedicinska föreningen (VMF), member
  • Project manager at Facilities and projects, member
  • Head of Division of infrastructure, member
  • Project leader for the project, presenter

Project group

Project leader: Jonas Linder, Facilities and projects

Other members consist of representatives from:

  • The Library
  • Exam services
  • Veterinärmedicinska föreningen (VMF)
  • Facilities and projects
  • Division of communication

Working groups

  • Public areas of the Library
  • Library staff areas
  • Exam halls
  • VMF's premises

Technical specialist groups

  • IT network/data
  • Security
  • Audiovisual technology
  • Akademiska hus

Akademiska hus

Work is carried out in close collaboration with Akademiska hus project leader: Johanna Ohlsson.

Current and upcoming activities

  • In the spring of 2024, a Vice-Chancellor's decision on the implementation of the project is expected.


Why reconstruct the library building?

The building was constructed in the mid-1970s and has undergone some minor renovations. However, the layout is largely original and is no longer fit for purpose or meets the requirements for a good working environment. Expectations of what a university library is and should offer have also changed.

The lending of physical books and therefore the need for large book halls has decreased. However, expectations have increased that libraries should be able to offer neutral and inspiring study environments where students, researchers, teachers and administrative staff can meet and socialize.

The purpose of a rebuilt library building is also to enhance the connection to research, strengthen collaborations with the community, and promote interdisciplinary work.

What are the changes to the library building?

The new library will not only meet the general requirements of a well-functioning library with a good, bright and pleasant working environment, but will also include the following features:

Library space
By building over the existing courtyard and providing it with high-sitting windows all around, a beautiful daylight-lit room will be created with a central location in the middle of the building. From this room, it is easy to orient oneself and find and get an overview of the other functions of the library.

Reading room
The reading room will accommodate quiet reading spaces and is located directly adjacent to the library space, but is a quiet room for individual study.

Study spaces
There will be study spaces available in the form of flexible reading areas and bookable group rooms.


Examination rooms
There is a need for more rooms for digital exams and for students with adapted digital exams. These needs will be met in the renovated library building.

VMF's student union
Veterinärmedicinska föreningen/The Veterinary Medical Association (VMF) will leave its current premises and move its operations into the renovated library building. Their current premises have ended up on the outskirts of campus since teaching, research and the University Animal Hospital moved to their current premises. This has meant that students do not use the premises in the same way as before.

Moving their operations to the renovated library building will provide opportunities for greater collaboration and sharing of resources, premises and functions. In addition, they will also be located closer to Ultuna studentkår/the Ultuna Student Union (ULS), which increases the possibility of collaboration between the unions.

New and clearer entrance
The project includes making the library entrance, which is currently difficult to find, more visible. The intention is to use simple means to make the entrance visible so that it is easy to find the library and other premises in the building intuitively.

Where will the library's operations be located during the construction period?

During the construction period, the library's operations will be located in Ulls hus, Hyllan on level 3.

Which activities besides the library will be affected by the renovation?

Trade unions currently have workplaces in the Library Building. They will move out and be given new permanent premises in the Inspektorn building.
There are also teaching rooms in the building. During the renovation, teaching will move to other existing premises on campus.
Group rooms and study spaces will disappear, and these will be replaced to some extent during the renovation.
In addition to these premises, we are looking at solutions for finding replacement premises for the students' pantry and the prayer room.

How will the construction project affect the surrounding area, for example access to bicycle and car parking?

Access to the area around the library building will be restricted during the construction period. This means, among other things, that part of the parking lot behind Ulls restaurang will be used for the establishment of construction site huts. The ambition is to minimise the restricted area.

I currently have my workplace in the library building - how will I receive ongoing information during the course of the project?

Your nearest manager is responsible for informing their employees about how and when the construction project will affect operations and ensuring that employees have the information they need.

Up-to-date information about the project will be published on this website on an ongoing basis.


Decision documents

Here you will find links to important decision documents and other documents, such as REB and feasibility studies. Only in swedish!