2. What is open science?

Last changed: 09 February 2024

The aim of open science is to make research more accessible and transparent to other researchers and to society at large.

Open science includes e.g. open access publications, open data and open educational resources. Open in this case means that scientific results and material are made permanently and freely available on the internet in a controlled manner.

Two policies are central to SLU's work on open science. SLU's policy for scientific publishing states that all peer-reviewed scientific articles should be published openly available either in a journal or via parallel publishing.  SLU's data management policy states that SLU supports the FAIR principles, which are part of open science. The data management policy also states that a data management plan should be established, registered and maintained over time for new projects and research at SLU. The aim is to make data from research and environmental analysis available as early as possible, as openly as possible and only with necessary restrictions.

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