Prices for employees

Last changed: 15 July 2022

These prices apply for staff at SLU when printing and copying on the public printers.


Starting 2022 our supplier, Ricoh, also charges for scanning.  From SLU's side we have, out of consideration för environmental goals, chosen NOT to charge for scanning. This is to encourage scanning instead of printing/copying on paper in order to reduce use of paper and ink.  

Prices for black and white printouts

A4, simplex 0,22 SEK
A4, double sided 0,20 SEK (each side)
A3, simplex 0,342 SEK
A3, double sided 0,40 SEK (each side)

Prices for colour printouts

A4, simplex 0,77 SEK
A4, double sided 0,75 SEK (each side)
A3, simplex 1.54 SEK
A3, double sided 1.52 SEK (each side)

Prices for using plotters

Black & white: 50 sek / meter

Colour: 75 sek / meter

The prices for the plotters are approximate and depends on how much paper will be used. Therefore you should try to plan your printing in a way that a minimum of paper is consumed.

How will the payment be done?

Staff at SLU can log on to the Eduprint printers either by typing there log on credentials, or with their keycard. Then the department that the user belongs to will be charged for the pintouts that has been done.