Getting started with Eduprint

Last changed: 11 February 2022

As an employee you can use Eduprint directly.


If you have a Windows computer, you should have already received printer queue for Eduprint-SLU. If you have a Mac, you need to contact or your local IT coordinator to get it added.   

Read more about Eduprint.

Mobility print

For computers that are not managed, we offer a solution where you can print directly without making any settings. However, no finishing (stapling / bundling) is possible with this choice.

E-mail to print 

It is also possible to e-mail documents to the printer:

  • for color printing.
  • for black and white printing.
  • You must email from your SLU address.
  • You can then go to the nearest printer and retrieve your print.
  • You log in to the printer with your AD account or access card.
  • Your institution or equivalent will be charged for your prints.

When scanning to email it often happens that the result ends up in the junk mail. To prevent this you can, in Outlook, right-click on the "junk mail" and choose "Never block sender". After that the scanned mail will land in the inbox.

When scanning many pages, the amount of data becomes too large to send via email. Then you can scan to usb. When you click on the scanner icon, click on the home icon and then on scan-to-storage device. The USB socket is located on the left side of the printer screen. (If there is no scan-to-storage device on your printer, you can contact IT support, so we activate the function for you).

The portal

If you want to check your queue, more guides etc. you can log on to