Report a fault

Last changed: 11 February 2022


Reporting a fault is done to SLU´s IT Servicedesk, phone 018-676600 or e-mail 

The SLU Librarys can assist in reporting a fault.

Note -  When reporting a fault state the following:

 * The user ID
 * The cell phone number
 * The name of the copy printer 
     (see the label on the front of the machine)
 * The time
 * What the symptons are

For employees and visitors the SLU Libraries assists in reporting a fault.


If the quality of your printouts and copies ar not good you can hand them over to the IT Servicedesk. We have a printout guarantee so in most cases you will get your money back.

Call 018-676600 or send a mail to

You can also get help with this by the SLU Libraries staff.