Last changed: 14 December 2023

Eduroam is a worldwide collaboration between universities and institutes of learning to share access to the internet via their respective networks. A student or employee whose university is a member of eduroam can log on to the eduroam Wifi network at another participating university using credentials from their home university.

Eduroam Wifi can be found all parts of Sweden. When you visit another university or other place which offers eduroam you can connect to the wireless network. See for a map of where to find eduroam hotspots.

Connecting to Eduroam

  1. Look for "eduroam" among available Wifi networks. 
  2. Log on to Eduroam using your SLU email address and password.
    • (e.g. 
  3. Approve any terms or certificates.
  4. Done!

Note!  Using eduroam Wifi as a guest at a participating university does not include access to all of their internal network services, it is merely an easy way to access the internet. 

Eduroam at SLU for guests

Guests from participating members of the eduroam community can in turn also connect to eduroam when visiting SLU campuses.  Look for "eduroam" among available Wifi networks and log on with the account and password credentials from your home university or institution. 


IT-support, SLU

Directsupport: 018-67 6600 option 1