Connect with a video conference to a Zoom meeting

Last changed: 16 March 2022
Cisco Touch 10

Below is a manual for connecting a video conferencing system to a Zoom meeting. (for those video conferencing systems with Touch 10 control panel)

1) Touch the white Cisco panel in the room. Then the video conferencing system wakes up from any sleep mode.

2) Press the Zoom Meeting button.

Cisco Touch 10

3) Use the keypad to enter your meeting ID. Finish with Call.Cisco Touch 10

4) The video conferencing system then connects to Zoom. If the meeting has a password, this box will appear on the video conference screen.Zoom Password

5) Use the keypad on the video conference white control panel. You can access it by pressing the "Keypad" button.Cisco Touch 10

6) Enter your password and finish with a square. (#)

7) If the Zoom meeting is booked so that everyone who connects has the microphone turned off. Then you have to start the microphone in Zoom. This can be seen through a crossed-out microphone in the upper right corner of the video conference screen.

Zoom mute

8) Use the video conference "Keypad" on the white control panel. Press "1", then the Zoom menu will appear on the video conference screen.Zoom mute

9) Press “2” on the video conference “Keypad” to turn on the microphone.

10) If a crossed-out microphone appears on a white plate in the centre of the screen on the right. Then the microphone of the video conferencing system is turned off.

Zoom mute

11) To turn on the microphone of the video conferencing system, press the button with the crossed-out microphone in the lower right corner of the white control panel. When the ring around is green, the microphone is on.Cisco Touch 10