Approved projects

Last changed: 15 April 2019

Below is a list of all projects that were previously approved funding from the Climate Fund and the contact person for the project.


  • Purchase a plastic shredder for test bottles (Christian Demandt)
  • Purchase an electric ATV (all-terrain vehicle) (Elinora Johansson)
  • Purchase and install video conference equipment at the Department of Animal Environment and Health and the Department of Soil and Environment, Skara (Anders H Karlsson/Karin Wallin)
  • Installation of solar panels on two test surfaces in Västerbotten's inland for datalogger stations which are run with car batteries today (Linnea Hansson)
  • Rebuild a double garage into a bicycle garage (Johanna Wallsten)
  • Invest in an electric car (Johan Karlsson)
  • Construct a tank in the aquatic laboratory (Markus Langeland)


  • Solar energy systems and batteries at trial fields in Bälinge mossar. Department of Soil and Environment (Örjan Berglund)
  • Install electron microscope coolers at the VH Faculty (Fredrik Södersten)
  • Principles for responsible management education. Department of Economics, Ultuna (Cecilia Mark-Herbert)
  • Climate compensation through reforestation of degraded, low-productive tropical forests on Borneo. Department of Forest Ecology and Management, Umeå (Ulrik Ilstedt)
  • Replace bikes with cars when travelling to work. Division of Facility Management's (Infra), Alnarp (Mats Svensson)
  • Purchase staff bikes for Ulls hus. Division of Facility Management's (Infra), Ultuna (Maisa Young/Karin Bäckman)


  • Energy charting and training for Skara employees (Karin Wallin)
  • Towards sustainable lawns: searching for alternative cost effective and climate friendly lawns on Ultuna Campus (Maria Ignatieva)
  • Training in low-flow anaesthesia with the aim to reduce the use of isoflurane at UDS (Birgitta Östlund-Wiberg)
  • Stimulate increased travel by night train as an alternative to flying, the LTV Faculty (Eva Johansson)
  • Skype integration (Björn Lindell)


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