Process for quality assurance of SLU's education during 2024

Last changed: 16 November 2023

In 2024, SLU will pause its work on educational evaluations of first and second cycle programs to assess and develop the quality assurance process. However, the doctoral education will undergo a comprehensive evaluation process in 2024, reviewing the six different quality areas through dialogues and reports from faculties and doctoral student councils.

First and second cycle education:

In 2024 SLU will focus on evaluation and revision of the Quality Assurance System and as a result there will be no evaluations of programmes during this time period.


Third cycle education (doctoral education): 

During 2024 (year 1 in a 3-year cycle), a full evaluation round is planned with a review of all 6 quality areas with the help of a revised dialogue tool, reports from faculties and doctoral councils and quality dialogues.