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High school students impressed in round table discussions about food security

Published: 03 May 2024
Youth in round table discussions

The first of three round table discussions has taken place and the 22 high school students who participated on site at Ultuna campus (Uppsala) really impressed. During the  discussions, the students presented their challenges and solutions to each other and participating experts.

In addition to the round table discussions, the students visited RISE test bed for digitised agriculture and learned more about digitalisation in general within agriculture, digital cow collars (which with the help of GPS can replace fences) and self-driving tractors. 

New for this year is the inspiration programme that runs parallel to the round table discussions. The students who weren't part of the round table discussions were invited to learn more about SLU's educations and research. In Uppsala, they listened to Anna Rising and her ground-breaking research on artificial spider thread, which has had a great impact both in Sweden and internationally.

During the last year, nearly 500 students from Landskrona, Malmö, Lund, Ystad, Uppsala, Lycksele, Strömsund and Umeå took on the challenge of writing about a global problem linked to food security. By choosing a problem connected to a specific country, the students have had to immerse themselves in one or several of the complex challenges the world is facing and present sustainable solutions to these.

Out of the students who wrote the essay, just over a hundred have chosen to submit their essays in order to have the opportunity to be selected and thus orally present their chosen problems and solutions to experts during an afternoon on one of SLU's campuses.

The next round table is in Alnarp on May 15 and brings together high school students from different locations in Skåne. SLU Youth Institute then ends with a round table discussion in Umeå 30 May for participating high schools from Strömsund, Lycksele and Umeå.


SLU Youth Institute (SLU YI) aims to create interest among Swedish youth for global food security and to find sustainable solutions to the global challenges based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. SLU Youth Institute is the Swedish part of many Youth Institutes coordinated by the World Food Prize Foundation. Read more at our Swedish website!

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