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New mailbox for head of department matters

Published: 24 May 2024

We are now launching a new email adress for departmental matters at SLU Aqua: Use the new email address if you have documents that need a signature from the head of department or have questions regarding specific referrals/remittances.

Why a new functional mailbox?

The new email adress means that your case/matter can be handled more efficiently and can be accessed both by the environmental monitoring and assessment secretary and the head of department and their deputies during holidays, illness or other leave. This means that you don't have to think about who is on duty right now.

When should I email

1. When it is time for a signature from of the head of department. It can concern different types of documents, such as FKK:s (full cost calculations) or agreements. Usually, it is you who work as an economist who needs to email these documents. It is important that we all follow the document management routine when applying for grants, handling quotations and project planning.

2. Other documents that must be signed by the head of department, or must be sent to a third party by the head of department, for example:

  • Agreements regarding test fishing.
  • Certificate.
  • Reports (e.g. final reports to HaV).

3. When you have questions about referrals, for example:

  • Consultation response.
  • Handling of ongoing referrals.
  • Referrals that have been received directly to individual employees.