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Young Researchers Workshop – Communicate your science: where, how & to whom?

Published: 08 April 2024
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Workshop will take place at SLU, Uppsala, Sweden We will cover the accommodations cost, but not the travel cost.

Are you an early career researcher (PhD student, post-doc or in the beginning of your research career) and want to communicate your research to wider society? Then this workshop is for you!

SLU Global and SIANI invite you to participate in a two-day communication workshop on 29-30 May 2024 at SLU Ultuna Campus, Uppsala. We have prepared two full productive days for you to engage with well-known journalist Magnus Linton, most recognised researcher in Swedish media, Prof. Ashok Swain and anthropologist turned podcast expert, Ian Cook.


Guest Speakers

Magnus Linton

Magnus Linton is three-time August-nominated author of several notable non-fiction books, all characterized by a unique combination of research and design. He is a critic in Dagens Nyheter, an editor at the Institute for Future Studies and has many years of experience in writing tutoring for researchers.

Prof. Ashok Swain

Ashok Swain is a Professor and Head of Department of the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University. He is the UNESCO Chair on International Water Cooperation, and the Director of Research School of International Water Cooperation at Uppsala University. He is also the founding Editor-in-Chief of ‘Environment and Security’ journal. But most likely you would have heard of him from twitter. In 2023, he is ranked as the number one scientist in Sweden on social media with 620,000 followers on Twitter.


Workshop leader

Ian M. Cook
Dr. Ian M. Cook loves working with fellow scholars and students in making their podcast dreams a reality. By training, he is an anthropologist whose work focus includes urban India, scholarly podcasting, open education, and environmental (in)justice. He interviewed 101 scholars who podcast for his book Scholarly Podcasting: Why, What, How? and explored how podcasting can be peer reviewed scholarship in the co-written book Podcast or Perish: Peer Review and Knowledge Creation for the 21st Century (with Lori Beckstead and Hannah McGregor). Ian was Director of the Open Learning Initiative (OLIve) at CEU in Budapest from 2019-2023 and produced the related edited volume Opening Up the University: Teaching and Learning with Refugees (with Céline Cantat and Prem Kumar Rajaram). He is currently Editor and Chief at the multimodal anthropology publishing platform Allegra Lab. Personal website:


Workshop programme

29 May

9.00 – 10.00, Mingle with us
10.00-10.15, Welcome and Introduction to the workshop, Alin Kadfak
10.15 – 12.00, Written ways to greater impact – rethinking text and purpose,Magnus Linton

12.00 – 13.00, Lunch
13.00 – 16.00, Scholarship beyond the journal article

Scholarship can be multimodal, collaborative and public. In this session a few examples will be presented before participants will make concrete plans for opening up their scholarship, Ian Cook
16.00 – 17.00, Social Media for Research and Activism: Strategies and Challenges, Prof. Ashok Swain
18.00,  Dinner Uppsala city

30 May

9.00 – 10.30, What is a Podcast? Why Scholars Podcast? with Ian Cook

Create an idea for scholarly podcasting

First step of idea creation: what’s the purpose – how can it fit into wider research projects?

Structured Listening Exercise

Group listening session to a research podcast episode, discussion and reflection.

Create a structure and plan for a first episode and series

What elements do you want in your podcast and in what order?

10.00 – 10.30, Fika
10.30 – 12.00, Writing for the Ear with Ian Cook

How to translate scholarly prose into text that sounds great when spoken aloud.

Speaking to your Audience

Developing a podcast voice or presenting style.

Interviewing for tape

Interviewing with a podcast audience and not only a research project in mind.


Using different equipment, location acoustics, online interviews.

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
13.00 – 15.00, Practical Exercise with Ian Cook

Create either a trailer for a podcast you want to make or a mock 2 minute podcast.

15.00 -15.30 Fika
15.30 – 17.00, Podcast Hosting, Marketing and Funding

How to get your podcast into libraries and have audiences finding them.

AI Tools

Transcripts, editing and more.

Wrapping Up and Questions

17.00 – 17.15 Evaluation  

For those who do not live in Uppsala, we will book and pay for a hotel in Uppsala between 28 – 30 May. You will cover your own travel cost to Uppsala.

If this workshop is for you, please apply here 

Deadline: 24 April 2024