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Renovation and localization plans for the Institute of Freshwater Research

Published: 16 April 2024
A sign that says Sötvattenslaboratoriet

Now you can read more about the renovation and localization plans for the Institute of Freshwater Research at Drottningholm.

From a work environment perspective, there have been plans to rebuild the main building at Drottningholm. The purpose of the plans has been to make the lunch room accessible and to improve the ventilation. There have been several discussions and investigations in recent years and the focus has been on the following areas:

  1. The activities of the Institute of Freshwater Research in relation to SLU Aqua's establishment at Ultuna.
  2. Refurbishment of the main building with accessibility adaptation of the lunch room and improvement of the ventilation.
  3. Facilities and infrastructure for genetic labs.


The investigations and discussions have now been completed and are summarised below.

  • None of the activities/operations at the Institute of Freshwater Research will move to Ultuna.
  • The Professor and his research group will continue to be located at Drottningholm.
  • The Institute of Freshwater Research will have a new lunch room. The lunch room will be located in Sjölängan (where the current age laboratory and conference room Malen are located). The new lunch room will also serve as a meeting room, mainly for larger meetings that bring together the entire division.
  • The genetic laboratory will remain at Drottningholm. Opportunities for growth are in place but do not rule out investments in other locations.
  • The genetics laboratory and the age laboratory will be co-located and moved to the workshop in the main building. This will lead to a better working environment and reduced environmental impact.

- I am pleased that we have had a broad discussion and carefully investigated these issues, which have a major impact on the renovation plans and the operation as a whole. We are now continuing our work on the conditions that we remain at Drottningholm and we will renovate to create a good working environment where we can develop and grow, says Sara Bergek, head of division at the Institute of Freshwater Research.

Time plan - rebuilding

During the spring of 2024, the fine-tuning of drawings will be underway, which will then form the basis for the National Property Board's (SFV) production of contracting documentation. The plan is for the contracting to take place in the autumn of 2024 and for construction/rebuilding to start in the spring of 2025. The construction time is estimated at 1-1.5 years.

More information

Read a memorandum that gathers the conclusions of the discussions and investigations that have been going on in recent years regarding the development of the Institute of Freshwater Research.


Sara Bergek, Head of Division
Department of Aquatic Resources, Institute of Freshwater Research, SLU, +46 10 478 41 14