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Material from the last Department Council meeting now available

Published: 06 March 2024

Notes and presentations from the latest Department Council (IR) meeting held on December 6, 2023 at Ultuna are now available. You can find the material on Sharepoint.

Brief summary of the meeting

The final IR of 2023 was forward-looking. The meeting was led by Noél Holmgren and had participants from different areas of responsibility within SLU Aqua. The meeting was held both on site at Ultuna and via Zoom, and was held in Swedish.

The meeting included, among other things, a review of the coordination group for environmental monitoring and assessment (SAMSAS) proposal for an action plan for 2024, budgetary matters, and infrastructure and premises issues. Other topics discussed were the need for improved communication and information in English within the department, the challenges and progress of research education, the need to strengthen the competence in genomics in research and the development of the department's internal communication. During the meeting, the current economic forecast and proposed measures for the 2024 budget were also presented.

The meeting was summed up with positive reports on the department's progress and plans for the future, including discussions on new subject areas and faculty board, as well as emphasis on the important work being done in the coordination groups. The meeting ended with singing from one of the participants along with applauds.

Access the material

Here you can read the meeting minutes.

Here you will find all notes and presentations from IR on December 6, 2023.

About IR

The Department Council supports the SLU Aqua management team in strategic issues and department-wide questions. IR meets in general three times per year. 

Access to meetings and minutes for the entire SLU Aqua

Here you will find a list of links to our notes and minutes at SLU Aqua.


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