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The library’s webinars – for everyone at SLU!

Published: 14 February 2024
Snapshot of Zoom meeting.

During the spring, the SLU University Library is organising several webinars to provide students and SLU staff with practical knowledge to simplify their studies and work.

The SLU University Library helps students and staff with everything from searching and publishing to data management and dissertation writing, for example by organising webinars where a topic or tool is introduced and attendees have the opportunity to learn something practical that will be useful in everyday life at SLU. Hear about some of the spring term webinars from three of our staff.

How to: Practical knowledge for research and environmental assessment staff

- This February, we are launching a series of short webinars focused on practical knowledge, from open publishing to systematic searches. First up on 26 February, you will learn more about how to publish with CC licences. The aim is for you to leave the webinars with practical knowledge and more time for other things, says Anja Vikingson, one of the organisers of the How to series.

Kickstart: Learn more about tools for work and studies in 20 minutes!

- We are now launching a series called "Kickstart" which we hope will give participants just that - a kickstart in their work. During twenty minutes, we will give tips on tools and services that can facilitate your work here at SLU, whether you are a student or a researcher! This spring we will have sessions on information search with the help of AI, text-to-speak, reference management programmes and study techniques," says Isabelle Nesterud, one of the initiators of the series.

Recorded webinars on research funders’ requirements for open access

– In January, we organised a webinar for researchers who have received grants from Formas and the Swedish Research Council on the funders' requirements for open access to research publications and research data. The webinar was recorded and can be found on the library’s web site. There you can also find recordings of previous webinars on data management, says Hanna Östholm, one of the webinar organisers.

Spring webinar programme

The language of the webinar is indicated by the language of the title. For start time, zoom link and more information, please see the library calendar: All events at the SLU University Library.

  • 14/2 Kickstart: Planera dina studier
  • 14/2 Digital workshop: Learn how to use Zotero
  • 26/2 How to use Creative Commons licences for publications and data
  • 28/2 Kickstart: Kom igång med Endnote
  • 18/3 How to relate your research to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  • 20/3 Kickstart: Snabb informationssökning med AI-verktyg
  • 27/3 Kickstart: Bli kompis med uppsatsmallen
  • 10/4 Kickstart: Textuppläsning med Tortalk
  • 8/5 Kickstart: Kom igång med Zotero
  • 13/5 How to search systematically for scientific information

Recorded webinars

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