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Waterscape Alnarp - workshop laid the foundation for PhD position

Published: 22 June 2023
Group of people around a drawing on a table.

On Tuesday, researchers from SLU and collaborating stakeholders gathered for a workshop to highlight water issues linked to the development of Alnarp.

Water issues are very important for the development of Alnarp and therefore SLU Tankesmedjan Movium and SLU Urban Futures have agreed to develop a PhD position to conceptualise Campus Alnarp as a "Waterscapes Living Lab" in collaboration with other stakeholders.

“With a changing climate, we are likely to see both longer dry periods and more intense rainfall. Solutions for managing and conserving water will take up more space, both in the built environment and in the landscape. What functions these solutions will have and how they will be designed is an important question for the future”, says Harald Klein, coordinator at the SLU think tank Movium.

In a joint workshop on 20 June, participants from SLU, Akademiska hus, Lomma municipality and VA-syd gathered to lay the foundation for a new PhD position. Sara Kyrö Wissler from LTV and coordinator for campus development in Alnarp was one of the participants and thought it was a fantastic day and the start of continued cooperation.

“There were both concrete thoughts about Alnarp's future water supply for, among other things, irrigation and visionary thoughts about the sea as a resource. Together we will find sustainable solutions and see water from a multifunctional perspective” says Sara.


Campus development is an increasingly important issue in today's knowledge society. In the campus environment, different actors in science and society can meet to generate new knowledge - a necessity to manage the transition to a more sustainable society. Today's co-creation processes often take place in so-called "Living Labs", which are a complement to conventional scientific laboratories in a closed environment.

SLU Urban Futures and the SLU think tank Movium have taken the initiative to establish a series of PhD positions that explore the campus as a Living Lab. A first PhD position, co-financed by Akademiska Hus, was established in 2022 to investigate how a landscape perspective on Alnarp's particularly valuable outdoor environment can contribute to campus development.