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No projects granted funding from the Climate Fund in 2022

Published: 20 June 2022

Also this year, contributions to the Climate Fund have been substantially reduced, around SEK 400,000 compared to around 2 million an average year.

This is mainly due to continued heavily reduced travel in 2022 because of the pandemic. Each one way trip by plane is subjected to a fee, which is how money is generated to the fund. Given the funds available and the work needed, by applicants and the steering group, granting funds this year cannot be justified.

The next opportunity to apply for funding will be autumn 2023.


In 2014, the vice-chancellor decided that SLU would introduce a climate fund as a part of its efforts pertaining to the environmental goals regarding business travel.

The Climate Fund had a three-year test period and was, after evaluation in 2018, extended by another three years. The fund will be evaluated again at the end of this new three-year period.

Each one-way flight is subject to a fee; the amount varies depending on the type of trip:

  • domestic – SEK 100;
  • Europe – SEK 200;
  • intercontinental – SEK 300.