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Plan your data management with a new digital tool

Published: 04 May 2022

All SLU employees are now offered the possibility of using the digital tool DMPonline to create data management plans that meet the requirements of various funders.

A data management plan is a document that outlines how research or environmental assessment data is managed and documented during and after a project. Data management plans can, among other things, facilitate storing data securely and making research reproducible, as well as maximise the value of both the data and research.

Templates adapted to funders’ requirements

Many research funders mandate that a data management plan is part of the projects they finance and that said data management plan follows recommendations made by Science Europe. DMPonline, now, is a web-based tool for writing data management plans. It provides access to a variety of templates that makes creating a data management plan so much easier. It also allows its users to create specifically tailored templates. DMS has drawn up such a specifically tailored template that follows the abovementioned recommendations and meets the requirements made by VR, Formas, and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (it also works well for projects funded by other granting agencies).

Note that DMS provides the same template also as a MS Word document.

Support from DMS

SLU Data Management Support (DMS), a unit within the SLU University library, supports SLU employees in matters concerning data management. Contact DMS by e-mail (, book a Data Date, or read more about data management and what support DMS offers at

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