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Seed money to strengthen and support internal cooperation on water at SLU

Published: 30 November 2022
A forest edge on the horizon where a lake and the sky meet. The sun is shining.

SLU Water Forum launches seed money during 2023 to strengthen internal cooperation on water at SLU. Researchers at SLU are encouraged to apply for funding for foremost research projects that aim at increasing transdisciplinary cooperation on water and that increase the chances for attracting external funding for future research programs focused on water at SLU.

200 000 SEK in total are available during 2023. Smaller projects with a budget of max 75 000 SEK are in focus.

Submit your application (max 2 pages) to on 28 February 2023 the latest.  

What can be applied for?

Example for projects that can attract funding is:

  • Meetings, workshops and seminars to strengthen the internal cooperation on water at SLU, between research areas, departments and research groups. 
  • Writing support for applications that includes strengthened cooperation on water at SLU. 
  • Suggestions for ideas and projects that can increase the possibilities to attract external funding for future research programs focusing on water at SLU (e.g. via Mistra, Vinnova, Formas, Nordforsk etc.).

The seed money will foremost support research collaboration, but could also include environmental monitoring and assessment, external collaboration and education.

The projects should be initiated, completed and reported during 2023.  

Who can apply?

Researchers employed at SLU.

Outline of the application

The application must contain a brief background, the aim of the project, a short project description, a motivation for why the project meets the abovementioned assessment criteria, the sum applied for, and a shorter description of the merits and focal research areas of the persons included in the project.

Criteria for evaluation

Applications will be evaluated based on their possibilities to attract external funding for future research programs, and the likelihood that they strengthen transdisciplinary cooperation between research areas, departments and research groups at SLU.


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For additional information contact Jens Olsson, coordinator at SLU Water Forum. or 076-1890538.