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Webinar series continues to discuss urban forests

Published: 18 October 2022
Trees in autumn colours and a person walking on a pathway.

The digital series about urban forests that started in September 2021 returns this fall with three new webinars.

– This autumn we have managed to once again put together a mix of speakers with interesting and relevant topics. First we will take part of a historic perspective of the research done on urban forestry, moving on to insights on adaptive governance of urban green spaces across Latin America during the Covid-19 pandemic. Finally we will conclude with a future analysis of the management of urban forests. For me, that marks a very clear journey where we will first use a historic perspective, then moving on to the pandemic which is closer in time, concluding in the more forward looking, says Dimitris Athanassiadis, Hub Coordinator in Umeå for SLU Urban Futures, one of SLU:s Future Platforms and leader for the Urban Forests-project.

The webinar series is a collaboration between the Future Platforms SLU Urban Futures and SLU Future Forests. The goal with the series is to shed light on certain aspects and possibilities for continued research on forests in urban environments.

– I hope to see even more people signing up to our series. Also from disciplines and areas that may not always be associated with forest sciences. We want to reach a wide audience and inspire more to work interdisciplinary and collaborate between faculties, knowledge fields and sectors. Everyone is most welcome, says Dimitris Athanassiadis.

View previous recorded presentations from Urban Forests on Youtube

Webinars during fall

20 October

Urban Forestry and Green Infrastructure – a historic perspective

Presented by Anders Lindhagen, (PhD) is Director of First and Second Cycle Education at the Department of Forest Economics, SLU.

15 November

Adaptive governance of urban green spaces across Latin America – Insights amid COVID-19

Presented by Adan L. Martinez Cruz, Senior Lecturer from the Department of Forest Economics, SLU.

8 December

Future analysis of the management of urban forests

Presented by Torgny Lind, (PhD) researcher at the Department of Forest Resource Management, SLU.