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SLU is now a member of the European research data collaboration EOSC

Published: 06 October 2022
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EOSC is a European collaboration that aims to develop a virtual environment with services and tools for sharing and reusing research data and promote open science.

EOSC is an acronym for European Open Science Cloud and was initiated by the European Commission in 2015. The collaboration will connect existing infrastructures, services, and tools to make it easier for researchers to manage, analyse, store, and reuse research data. Swedish members include several universities, Formas and the Swedish Research Council, as well as the Swedish National Data Service (SND), an infrastructure run by the Swedish Research Council and several Swedish universities, including SLU.

The ambition of EOSC is to make it possible to share research data across national borders and subject areas in Europe and globally, thus increasing the use of research data and contributing to open science in Europe. EOSC is not only a technical platform, but the goal is also to work for a cultural change where open data is the norm.

SLU's work with EOSC is led by vice-chancellor Anna Lundhagen, who is SLU's delegate in EOSC, together with the support unit Data Management Support (DMS) at the SLU University Library.

EOSC is still in the development phase, which for SLU means that it is possible to influence the orientation of the collaboration.

– Membership in EOSC means both that SLU can contribute to open science and data sharing on a European level and that we can improve our opportunities to increase the use and value of the data we produce. It is especially important that both research data and data from environmental monitoring and assessment are included in the collaboration, says Hanna Lindroos, DMS head of division.

For questions and more information about SLU's work in EOSC, contact DMS: or

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