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Now it is easier to find publications from SLU!

Published: 25 October 2022

Now there is a new search interface for the SLU publication database (SLUpub). There you can search by topic, find a link to a page for a researcher or a department, or fetch an RSS-link to display a list of publications on a website.

During this year’s Open Access Week the library launches a new search interface for the SLU publication database. The database contains publications from SLU researchers and grants easy access to full text when available.

Now you can:

  • Search by topic
  • Limit your search results in various ways
  • Find and display your own and your department’s publications
  • Easily create publication lists based on your own searches and choices
  • Easily access full texts
  • Find research publications from SLU in one (1) place!

CV-pages and SLU websites will be affected

The old search interface will be retired around mid-November. This affects you if you have created a publication list using the old interface, for display on a CV-page or a webpage. All web editors will receive more information on this, but the instructions on the staff web for how to place a publication list on a CV-page or a webpage are already updated.

Please note that student projects are not included in the database. The library has developed the search interface in-house, and will continue to fix bugs and work on improving the interface, so please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or comments!

Please visit the library event calendar to find out more on how we are drawing attention to open access during this year’s Open Access Week.

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