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Checklist for a gradual return to the workplace

Published: 11 October 2021

This checklist is intended to support managers in their efforts to facilitate the return to the workplace for those who have worked from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The purpose is to identify any risks related to the work environment. When performing a risk assessment, managers can usefully involve the local safety representative. The HR specialists can provide support and act as a sounding board. The checklist has questions on adapting rooms, communication and procedures to avoid the spread of infection. Remember there may be additional risks not covered by this checklist. Managers may need to use another checklist to cover those cases. Some risks will need to be remedied immediately, others can be added to an action plan and measures taken later. Finally, measures need to be monitored and a follow-up done.

Provisions: AFS 2020:1, Arbetsplatsens utformning (Design of the workplace); AFS 2018:4, Smittrisker (Risk of infection); AFS 2001:1, Systematic work environment management (SAM)

  • How can you avoid crowding in the workplace?
  • Do rooms allow for following the advice on physical distancing?
  • Do you have equipment (phones, computers, etc.) for everyone returning to the workplace?
  • Who needs to be present for critical aspects of operations and activities to function efficiently?
  • Have you prioritised who needs to return now and who can return later?
  • Is there a plan for regular communication with staff?
  • Do staff have a forum for discussing any changes that may have taken place in the workplace?
  • Have the staff been informed that they need to stay at home and get tested if they show symptoms of Covid-19?
  • Do managers and staff regularly meet for updates on the organisational and social work environment?
  • How will you handle any worries among staff related to the return?