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Five projects received funding from SLU Urban Futures open call for transdisciplinary research

Published: 20 June 2021
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SLU Urban Futures is pleased to announce the projects that have been awarded a seed grant in the open call of spring 2021. The five awarded projects have roots in faculties from across SLU, are designed from a multi-, inter-, or transdisciplinary perspective in relation to the theme of sustainable urban development. The projects each demonstrate connection to SDG 11, showcasing SLU’s capacity to produce urban research that is policy-relevant.

The following applications were granted funding:

På plats! - hur konstnärliga landskapshändelser kan bidra med generell samverkanskunskap

The project will develop a book synopsis focusing on the meeting between different actors within urban landscapes, from landscape architects, artists, researchers and other societal actors, contributing to a better understanding of transdisciplinary collaboration within urban contexts.

Gunilla Lindholm, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management.
LTV Faculty

Urban agriculture in South Africa: determinants and impacts on urban household’s food and nutrition security, welfare and resilience

The ambitious project aims to build international collaboration between SLU and the University of the Free State in South Africa. The project will conduct empirical studies in South Africa examining the determinants and impacts of Urban Agriculture on household welfare, food, and nutritional security and its role in building resilient urban systems. 

Assem Abu Hatab, Associate Professor at the Department of Economics.
NJ Faculty

Re-creative Markaryd – developing governance approaches for co-creation and sustainable renewing of a small town

Through dialogue processes, the project will learn from, support and form new collaboration based on an ongoing re-development process in Markaryd. The research aims to learn from transdisciplinary governance modes and how they can influence the development and quality of the outdoor environment.

Märit Jansson, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management.
LTV Faculty

Community-based permaculture (cbp) for sustainability, health, equality and culture: a model system in northern Sweden

The project aims to develop a model system for the township of Rundvik in Västerbotten, Sweden, looking at the possibilities for turning the town into a transition community based on Community-Based Permaculture (CBP). Researchers will work alongside experts, town officials and citizens to understand the desire for CBP and how this could be implemented.

Anita Norman, Researcher at the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies.
S Faculty

Making research available to practitioners through interactive digital tools: supporting implementation of sustainable waste water management

The aim of the project to establish an interactive web-based tool for practitioners working with wastewater management and has a strong focus on stakeholder engagement and communication between research and practice.

Annika Nordin, Researcher at the Department of Energy and Technology.
NJ Faculty


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