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Publishing data via the Swedish National Data Service (SND)

Published: 25 May 2021

Many of you researchers and environmental monitoring and assessment staff are already making or are about to make data publicly available; be that in connection with publishing research findings in a scientific article or the outcome of an environmental monitoring and assessment study in a national report.

We at the Data Curation Unit (DCU) – SLU’s support function with regard to data management – would like to call your attention to the opportunity available to all SLU employees of publishing data free of charge and with DCU’s assistance via the Swedish National Data Service (SND) (a consortium run by nine Swedish universities including SLU). Making data available via SND’s data catalogue gives you the opportunity to

  • make data from your project/study available free of charge so that it becomes searchable and accessible in both SND’s research data catalogue and international databases as well as search engines,
  • publish a description of data should that data contain personal information, yet enabling others to find and order that data from SLU’s archive (should this be the case for you, please contact DCU first),
  • meet most funder and publisher requirements regarding data publishing,
  • obtain a persistent identifier (e.g., DOI) for the data you wish to publish so that you as well as others can reference and link to it in a correct way,
  • link data to your publication,
  • increase the data’s degree of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable),
  • feel assured that the published data is stored using a storage service (SNIC) administered by SLU,
  • get help from DCU with manually reviewing data and metadata files prior to publishing (as part of SLU’s effort to quality assure open data generated at SLU),
  • get help with archiving published data (note that data also needs to be archived as official documents at SLU).


Do not hesitate to contact us at DCU (via should you have questions about how to make use of SND’s system, other data publishing aspects, archiving, or data management in general.

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