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Monitoring examinations

Published: 01 February 2021

We still recommend exams without monitoring as the first option, that is take-home exams and/or oral exams using Zoom. The two can usefully be combined.

If, after careful consideration, you decide that an exam needs to take place with monitoring, it can be offered as an on-campus moderated exam. This is an option as long as the government does not decide on further restrictions regarding presence on campus. For more information, see these instructions.

Using Zoom for moderated exams is not recommended, and this practice is being phased out at many higher education institutions. Apart from involving a considerable administrative burden for those concerned, it does not guarantee fair examinations. This kind of monitoring will not be supported by SLU centrally or the exam services team.

The Division of Learning, Media and Digitalisation offers support for those who need to redesign exams to be offered online. Educational development support online offers support on online teaching and digitalisation of exams. Email the Educational Development Unit at for more information.