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Tillsammans - project status as of 26 August

Published: 26 August 2020

The latest meeting with the management group was held on 19 August. During the summer, several subprojects have, not surprisingly, been put on the backburner. For that reason, the latest management group meeting was dedicated to ensuring we are all on the same page when it comes to project status, as this is necessary if we are to move forward in an efficient way planning the work of the autumn semester.

Silhuette of a rod of Esculapius
The following groups within the field of joint needs have new status updates:

  • Shared management functions – the joint clinical management group has launched successfully.
  • Processes – work at the horse clinic has started. At the small animals clinic, tests are successively being integrated into regular operations.
  • Number of patients for training purposes – the working group has finished its work, but the figures for the number of patients needed will be reviewed regularly.
  • Finance group – understanding how direct government funding is calculated and consequently the costs related to programmes at UDS; work on this has started at the horse clinic and will progress at diagnostic imaging according to plan.
  • Benchmarking – due to the pandemic, work will be resumed as a ‘desk task’ rather than on-site visits.

For information on the field joint needs, see (in Swedish only).

Silhouette o fa a cow

In the field of food-producing animals, the planning of a workshop scheduled for November is progressing. For information on the workshop and the field joint needs, see (in Swedish only).

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The following groups within the field of employment and skills have new status updates:

  • Career paths – Human Resources Director Anna-Karin Olofsdotter will be joining the working group as reinforcement.

For details on the field of employment and skills, see (in Swedish only).

Planning for autumn 2020

The original directive listed fields that until now have not been assigned to a working group. The objective is to set up a working group for all fields before the end of 2020. At the meeting, the management group decided the following:

  • The field Presenting guidelines for specialist clinics, including a model for financial reimbursement is assigned to the Finance group.
  • The field Presenting guidelines/a model for reimbursing the parties for clinical work, teaching and other services is assigned to the joint clinical management group.
  • The field Presenting how to design collaboration on necropsy work will be handled as a separate field in processes/flows; Lisa De Verdier will be responsible for setting up a working group and clarifying this flow.
  • The field Presenting a setup for specialist training and a UDS residency programme is assigned to the career paths working group,
  • The field Drafting quality criteria for clinical teaching, including principles for supervision and the clinical and teaching expertise of supervisors is assigned to the joint clinical management group.
  • The field Presenting guidelines (including principles for prioritising) for research at UDS is assigned to the joint clinical management group.


Anders Bjurstam, Project manager 
Phone: 070 564 1650

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