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News from Head of Department, week 25

Published: 24 June 2020

Happy midsummer! I want to start by wishing you a wonderful summer holiday and thank everyone for an exciting and challenging year!

I knew about what it meant to be a prefect a year ago, but still not quite. Everyday I am proud to represent KV and you all are the main reason! The fascination is to meet and make the best of the situation, together.

On Monday, the prefect council was where Kerstin participated and discussed "SLU's employer brand", the faculty proposal, quality work for postgraduate education and more. Last Wednesday, KV's management team met first and then KV's strategic council (subject managers and collaborators) met and talked about the strategy work that will be done at KV this fall. We also talked about the two hot topics: research funding and the supply of competence, where we decided to focus on these during our meetings this fall. Good and committed meeting! The new journal system was discussed at a meeting on Thursday. Procurement is now complete and implementation will begin this fall. It will certainly be hard work, but there is no alternative to introducing the new system.

I warmly hand over to Kerstin, Jens and Inger as deputies during the summer. See schedule below. I'm back in early August.


Now I shall return to enjoying the quiet and sunny midsummer morning!

During week 26, Kerstin will be in place on Monday afternoon and otherwise as needed. Please contact if need arises.

Happy summer!


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