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Seasonal work in the land-based sectors

Published: 06 April 2020

The coronavirus also causes absences due to illness among staff in the land-based sectors, and seasonal workers from abroad cannot travel to Sweden. This has led to a short-term, seasonal need for labour in these sectors.

To make it possible for students who rely on student finance from CSN to work more hours during the pandemic, the Swedish government has decided to temporarily remove the income limit for 2020. More information is available on the CSN web. 

There is an admirable desire among SLU students to help the land-based sectors. For some students this may be an option, for others, it is more difficult. Students who are considering taking on seasonal work before the end of the semester will either need to interrupt their studies or work in parallel. Those who interrupt a course risk not being eligible for a later course. It’s important to be aware of and consider this before deciding to start working.

Work experience courses offer the opportunity to combine a placement with studies, but a prerequisite for this is that the duties are qualified ones and that supervision is available. This means specific demands on the employer, the duties and follow-up. If the entry requirements and

the course instance for a work experience course need changing, this may require a prior decision by the chair of the programme board.

Karin Holmgren, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Chair of the SLU Board of Education.

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