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Watch the film from R/V Svea's ceremonial naming

Published: 23 March 2020
Crown Princess Victoria crushes a bottle against research vessel Svea's prow. Photo: Sofia Bureborn, SLU Aqua

March 22 is World Water Day, and on March 25, it has been six months since Crown Princess Victoria ceremonially named Sweden's new research vessel Svea, in a sunny Lysekil. We celebrate these two occasions by reliving last autumn’s big event. It had all you could ask for - great speeches, loud trumpets and a bottle that was firmly crushed against the vessel’s prow.

Sweden’s new research vessel was put into use in the autumn of 2019. Since then SLU and SMHI have completed nine surveys in the Baltic Sea, and outside the Swedish west coast. SLU’s department of aquatic resources’ (SLU Aqua) vision is strong fish populations in healthy waters SMHI’s motto for marine environmental monitoring is from sampling to knowledge. To both of them – as well as to SGU and to Stockholm University that are about to come onboard - Svea is an important tool in efforts to achieve a sustainable marine environment.

World Water Day and SLU Water Forum

March 22nd is the UN World Water Day. This year is about water and climate change and how they are inextricably linked. The organizations that use Svea follow the impact of climate change on the seas and its inhabitants.

However, there is much more activity at SLU. We have brought together all water-related research, education, and environmental analysis at the university into SLU Water Forum. The Water Forum aims to facilitate and communicate research, education, environmental assessment and other collaboration that relate to water.

See Svea at Havets Hus and Skansen

This spring SLU has lent models of the vessel to Havets Hus in Lysekil and Baltic Sea Science Center at Skansen in Stockholm. Now you can both see the vessel and experience the interior through a virtual tour available on touch screens at both locations.

Relive the ceremonial naming

Now let us relive a day of hope for the future, a cheerful crowd and a bottle getting crushed against the prow. We have already had some great success with Svea but the future has just begun.

Ceremonial Naming of R/V Svea


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