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News from Head of Department, week 11

Published: 30 March 2020

Dear staff!

The corona situation is developing fast and the university provides updates almost daily. Please,update yourself continuously : Coronavirus–information for staff and students and please follow the development in general!

From KV, I can briefly report that during Thursday-Friday we had external environmental audits, which, on the whole, went well with some minor remarks. On Monday we will conduct this year's ‘round of protection’ at KV and I will get back to you with the results.

A pleasing news is that the new "Bulan" (training area) is now approved for use and that seminar rooms 1A and 1B can be used as usual and that the students can again eat in the group room! (The corridor outside the experimental area and the stores in the hoof joint are not ready - yet).

Two applications were submitted to VR this week which I think is very commendable! I was just as happy to see Lena-Marie Tamminen nail her solid dissertation today! Good job everyone!

Next week, among other things, there will be a protection round on Monday, a management group meeting on Wednesday and a prefect council on Thursday.



Remember my urge not to go to work if you are sick, maintain good hand hygiene, reduce all unnecessary contacts with people and keep at least one or two meters away from others.

Corona-relaterade informationspunkter:


During week 12, my plan is to beat SLU every day.

Best regards!