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News from Head of Department, week 7

Published: 19 February 2020

Sunny Friday Greetings!

The sun has appeared several days this week and there are some spring feelings in the air. Next week (8) is the sports holiday for Uppsala's school children why me and many others will enjoy snow and breathe mountain air!

During the past week, I have spent a lot of time discussing the tillsammans-project in different forms; individual conversations, group meetings and in the project management team. I appreciate your commitment, I listen to what you are saying and do my best to facilitate the process with KV's best for my eyes.

At SLU, its time for the election of members of SLU's board who are teachers / researchers. The Election Assembly will receive digital voting information next week and the election will run from February 24th to March 8th. On February 25 at 13-15, it is Hearing in Sal H where you can listen to the candidates and ask questions.

A tip for those who like modern educational aids is the opportunity to sign up for a test license to use Mentimeter in their teaching.


During week 8 I am on vacation and urgent cases are referred to my deputy, Kerstin Hansson.

Week 9 I will be here Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and the next Friday letter will come week 9.

Have a nice weekend/vaccation!

Below are the week's compiled information points:

Newsletter from UDS

Opportunities for cooperation with Ukraine

Reminder of information meetings ahead of Forma's open call

Educational lunch seminar February 27 "Active learning classrooms"

SLU's entrances SLU will review how the entrance areas can be made more attractive. The goal is to be enveloped by a welcoming modern SLU feeling when you step inside our doors and be surprised by creative and artistic elements. SLU's width, geographically and operationally, must be clearly visible and the surfaces can be used for different things. The project will start with a pilot that includes the main entrance to Ull's hus and the entrance to the Aula at Ultuna. The idea then is to do the same in the main SLU sites. Now your input is needed! The communication department needs to know what we want to highlight about VH. You do not need to write long texts but a bulleted list works great. Please make a list of what should be in the picture as well, so we minimize the risk of missing important parts. The Communications Department wants to get the lists early March, so notify me (Nils) if you have any proposals by March 5.