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Register for the SLU library’s online course for PhD students

Published: 12 February 2020

The ninth iteration of Information retrieval and methods for scientific communication (3 HEC) will start soon. The course is completely web-based, and the course pace is at 25%. This spring the course will be given between 9 March – 8 May. Last day for registration is 24 February.

The course takes a broad approach to information retrieval and scholarly communication. You will get a chance to develop your skills in information searching in bibliographic databases, reference management software, and how to know what journal you should publish in. You will also get a better grasp of copyright, management of research data, bibliometrics, publication strategies and how you can increase the visibility of your research results. The course is held in English.

The course also gives you an opportunity to share experiences and connect with other PhD students from the whole of SLU, with its entire width of disciplines and research questions.

The course is completely online and all study activities, hand-ins, discussions and communication take place in the learning platform Canvas. As the course pace is at 25%, you have great flexibility to plan your working hours. If you have an internet connection where you work, you can attend the course.

Some testimonies from participants of the course autumn 2019:

“Very interesting topics, relevant material and exercises and teachers interested in their topic/course. One of the best courses I had so far!”

“I can manage to do something else in daytime, while learning this course.”

“That whilst it was online it still felt interactive as we had to read each other’s' work a lot.”

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