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Drop-in for statistical advice with Statistics@SLU

Published: 11 November 2020

Are you working on a statistical analysis for your data or are you doing data processing prior to statistical modelling? Are you working with R? Do you feel that you sometimes would like to discuss your results or your programs with a statistician while working on it? Or do you get error messages you do not understand?

The Centre for Statistics  at SLU (Statistics@SLU) is providing statistical support to researchers at SLU free of charge. We are also providing drop-in consultations in Umeå, Alnarp and Ultuna.

Due to Corona restriction the drop in for statistical advice is only given digital via the Zoom room wednesdays 13-15.

The drop in is available for all SLU employees and is restricted to shorter questions about R programming and interpretation of R output.

If you have a more complex problem or need time to explain you data or program you are welcome to contact us in our regular 1 : 1 consultancy services (contact or a consultant at your campus).