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Room booking instructions

Published: 20 October 2020

The temporary guidelines for teaching and examination in SLU pool teaching rooms will continue to apply for the 2021 spring semester. Updated 2021-01-29.

As was the case for the 2020 autumn semester, bookings for the 2021 spring semester will be done for one period at a time. This applies to the main sites. The purpose is partly to ease the workload for everyone involved, partly as we do not know what the situation regarding the pandemic will be like in spring.

  • Period 4: The deadline for submitting preferences is 15 February.
  • For instructions on what information you need to supply to Room Booking, as well as how requests for pool teaching rooms will be prioritised, see below.
  • For teaching in a faculty’s or department’s own rooms, clinical teaching and teaching in the field, the instructions in the vice-chancellor’s and deputy vice-chancellor’s decision apply.
  • Only teaching that cannot be done online while safeguarding quality and the fulfilment of learning outcomes should be scheduled as on-campus classes.

When translated, a more in-depth version on room booking will be published.

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Room Booking:
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