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Centre for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science will be rebuilt

Published: 01 October 2019

On September 17, the vice-chancellor decided that VHC – the Centre for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science will be extended and rebuilt.

Since VHC was built, the number of students in the house has increased greatly. Partly because the veterinary nursing program was moved to Ultuna from Skara in 2014 and partly because of a decision to double the number of students. The result has been that there is not enough room for the students in the existing premises.

Therefore, the vice-chancellor has now decided on a rebuild, so that we can expand with additional seminar rooms for clinical teaching and a special room for teaching with animals.

In addition to this, more changing rooms are being built for the students, the lunch areas adjacent to the clinic will be larger and a media lecture room for 120 students is planned at the entrance to VHC.

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