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News from the VH Faculty meeting on 25 September

Published: 01 October 2019

Review of collaborative centres

In relation to SLU’s resource review of the university administration’s councils and boards, the faculty has reviewed current collaborative centres, committees and networks. The working group presented a summary of its work, which has resulted in small adjustments such as standardising working methods and merging activities that are clearly connected.

Skills supply

In order to assess and estimate the faculty’s long-term skills supply needs, comprehensive work is being carried out at faculty, department and subject field level. The following is included:

  • a morphological analysis that provides a quantitative and qualitative comprehensive picture of research, external collaboration as well as courses and programmes according to subject field;
  • a compilation of department reports concerning skills supply needs, including priorities;
  • current overview reports.

The objective is to create an assessment model for long-term skills supply work. It is expected to be available during the first quarter of 2020.

Scaw and the Scientific Council for Animal Welfare

There will be an inquiry to evaluate the Swedish Centre for Animal Welfare (Scaw) and the Scientific Council for Animal Welfare. The inquiry will be led by Charlotte Hallén Sandgren with secretary Kristina Dahlborn. The work must be reported to the vice-chancellor and dean no later than 15 January 2020.

Welcoming students

The student representatives talked about a very successful student reception. A new thing this year was that international students were welcomed three days before the Swedish students arrived. It worked very well and made it easier to conduct international student activities. This will continue next year.

Strategy 2021–2023

We established the faculty’s work with developing a new strategy for 2021–2023. Inspirational seminars have been planned for autumn, and workshops will be conducted in November. The schedule and dates for all these events will be sent to everyone at the VH Faculty.

The VH Faculty’s delegation of authority

The delegation of authority is being updated following the vice-chancellor’s decision to establish a gender equality and equal opportunities committee (JLV) at faculty level. Additionally, the aim of the update is to harmonise our working methods with the other faculties as well as reduce administrative management when filling new employments.


The mid-year financial report shows that the financial results, our balanced capital, is not decreasing according to the department budgets. In total, the VH Faculty has SEK 89.6 million in balanced capital. We are being a bit too careful due to our history of financial deficits. However, financial officer Jimmy said that it is time to get rid of the training wheels. The faculty board agreed and emphasised that the departments should use their funds to ensure that the future balanced capital does not exceed + 10 per cent.

Capital at the VH Faculty June 2019

Total: SEK 540.2 million
Unused grants and contract claims: SEK 450.6 million
Balanced capital: SEK 89.6 million

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